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Annmarie and Bernard’s marriage ceremony concluded with a beautiful reception celebration at the Westin Ballroom in Columbus – the same place where President McKinley’s 2nd term inaugural ball was held in 1901.  Based on Annmarie’s desire for an elegant cake that would match the beauty of the ballroom resulted in a 14 tier cake. All flowers and design work including the gold vase are made of edible sugar.

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The New Paradigm in Party Cakes

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40th birthday cake GrmsckFavorite things 60th Bday cake

Tiered cakes aren’t just for wedding cakes anymore. More and more people are opting for two, three, and even four tier birthday cakes and shower cakes. The popularity of cake shows on TLC and Food Network have caused people to expand their ideas about what a celebration cake should be. In the past a birthday cake was a simple 8” circle with buttercream roses and the words Happy Birthday piped on it. Yet more people are going for the large and the elaborate. Cakes carved into objects such as cars or boats or whatever the persons hobby might be are often requested. Graduation cakes are shaped like a graduation cap. Birthday cakes are shaped like sports team helmets and include replicas of the team’s logo. Cable cake shows have definitely caused the idea of a celebration cake to change drastically. That is not a bad thing though. Now cakes have become the centerpiece of celebrations. They are a novelty item that brings a “WOW” to the party. So I say let’s embrace the fun factor and go big for your party cakes!

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Choosing a Wedding Cake: A Marriage Of Taste and Appearance

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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You spend thousands of dollars to make it memorable. Your wedding cake also should be memorable not only for how it looks but for how it tastes.

Moist, not overly sweet icing, maybe a pleasant tasting, thin layer of fondant, and luscious fillings make for a cake to be enjoyed by all your wedding guests. Well shaped, straight tiers, with neat, clean lines and realistic sugar flowers, (never fresh or silk – see our blog post on this) is the perfect look to wow you and your guests. Yet many brides never find this perfect marriage of beauty and taste.

So if I could give you just one piece of advice for finding this kind of cake baker it would be this: begin looking as soon as you know your wedding date. The best bakers and cake designers book a year or more in advance. Remember, if you want the best, so does everyone else, and since most bakers limit the number of wedding cakes they do on a given weekend, it’s a race to secure your date.

Sweet Cream Cakes is one of those bakeries that promise perfection in taste and appearance, but again, Sweet Cream Cakes books quickly and popular dates even a year or more out, so call or email to schedule a tasting as soon as you know your wedding date.

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How to avoid hearing, Sorry, we’re booked

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FULLY-BOOKEDSorry we're booked





In only five short months, the new year will arrive! Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. So when brides are searching for a reception venue, a photographer, or a wedding cake, chances are they will find one or all of them booked up if they wait too long.

This past year I had the sad task of turning away more than 30 brides because I was booked for the weekend they were getting married. More than a third of those brides contacted me less than three months before their wedding thinking that ordering a wedding cake was similar to ordering a birthday cake from a local bakery.

Yet much more planning goes into making a wedding cake than many brides realize.

Supplies have to be ordered like fondant, shortening, sugar, flavorings, and much more. Flowers, if the cake designer is like me and makes sugar paste flowers to match the fresh flowers the bride will be carrying down the aisle, these must be made well in advance so they have time to dry and have color applied. However, the biggest time issue cake designers face is just that, time. Creating a wedding cake is a time intensive task. There are only so many hours in a week to do a wedding cake and only so many wedding cakes that can be done during those hours. Many bakeries limit their weekly wedding cakes to around three and we now limit our weekly output to two.

So choose your wedding vendors well in advance if you want to book with the best. Our calendar fills up fast and it’s never a pleasure to hear or say, sorry we’re booked.

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What’s So Special About A Birthday Cake?

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Birthday cake. Just the phase conjures up visions of smiles, parties, and presents. I vividly remember the kids birthday cakes in my family. Whenever one of us had a birthday, my mom would order a cake from Rudy’s Bakery. I can still see the white square cake box with a string wrapped around it and crossing in the middle. When opened, the rich buttery vanilla aroma escaped from the box and filled us with excitement for the party that was soon to come. Happy Birthday written in a fancy script was piped in colored icing, decorating the surface. The shell border circling the bottom and top edges were always perfect. Still, I think my favorite part was the perfectly piped buttercream roses that lay in beautiful clusters on each side of the writing. Depending on whose birthday it was, there might be yellow, red, pink, or even lavender roses adorning the creamy white icing.

So what is it about a bakery birthday cake that you can’t duplicate at home? Several things. The frosting is made using a baker’s type shortening that causes the icing to be smoother and fluffier. Then there is princess emulsion, a flavoring that gives the frosting that unique bakery taste and smell. And the dense moist cake is made with ingredients that contain emulsifiers and special commercial type ingredients that you won’t find in the average home kitchen.

But it’s really isn’t the ingredients that make a bakery birthday cake special. It’s the thoughtfulness of the person who ordered it; it’s the surprise of opening the cake box and seeing a work of art that was designed just for you!

Yes, there really is something special about bakery icing and vanilla cake, something special and unmatched by a box mix. Yet even more so is that a bakery cake says someone loved you enough to want you to have the best cake available for your special day. A birthday is a special and worthy of a special cake so nothing but a bakery birthday cake will do!

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